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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Belleview man arrested after detaining, beating woman for multiple days

A Belleview man was arrested after allegedly detaining a woman for multiple days against her will and beating her when she attempted to leave.

A Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded to a call on Wednesday, September 22 regarding an alleged domestic battery incident that took place last week at a Belleview residence.

The victim claims that from Sunday, September 12 to Tuesday, September 14, she was held against her will and beaten multiple times by 37-year-old William McGee.

Belleview man arrested after detaining beating woman for multiple days
William McGee

The victim says that around 3 a.m. on Sunday, she awoke to find McGee speaking on the phone with a woman. The victim claims that after she asked McGee to stop, he took a belt and began beating her with it. She says she curled up into a ball as the defendant continued to beat her.

The next day, the victim says she was in the shower when McGee allegedly interrupted and began punching her in the face and body. The victim says she told McGee that she was going to leave and he allegedly threatened to kill her.

The victim says she stayed out of fear that McGee would act on his threat.

On September 14, the victim says she told McGee she was leaving to drop off a ceramic statue at her mother’s house. As she was walking from the home, the victim claims McGee walked up to her, smashed the statue, grabbed her by the hair, and dragged her back into the house.

Once inside the home, the victim says McGee began striking her all over her face and body before he choked her neck, according to the report.

The deputy and medical personnel noted large bruises on the victim’s head, arms, back, legs, and neck.

McGee, who called the victim while she was being interviewed by the deputy, was arrested after he drove over to allegedly confront her. He was transported to the Marion County Jail and faces multiple charges, including false imprisonment of an adult. McGee’s bond is set at $5,000 and his next court date is scheduled for Tuesday, October 26, according to jail records.