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Monday, September 27, 2021

Woman defends herself from Citra man with multiple battery convictions

A Citra man with multiple battery convictions and a collection of battery and DUI arrests  was arrested after a victim says she was able to defend herself and give him a black eye in the process.

On Sunday, September 26, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call regarding a domestic battery at a Citra residence.

According to the report, the deputy made contact with a victim who claims that 41-year-old Nicholas Howard attacked her after a verbal altercation while they were out running errands.

Woman defends herself from Citra man with multiple battery convictions
Nicholas Howard

The victim says after the verbal altercation, she returned home and Howard refused to leave the area. She says after he attempted to climb a ladder into the residence, she allowed him to enter the home because she was scared of him.

The victim says that once inside, Howard attacked her, hitting her in the back of the head and the left side of her face. In self defense, the victim fought back and gave Howard a black eye with her ring, according to the report. The deputy noted marks on the left side of the victim’s face.

Howard was located in the master bedroom of the home and was pretending to be asleep. He refused to speak with law enforcement and was arrested after a records check revealed multiple felony battery convictions over the past 20 years.

Marion County Jail records show that Howard has been arrested at least a half a dozen times in the past 18 months. Howard faces multiple charges, including battery and violation of a domestic violence injunction (i.e., restraining order).