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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Dunnellon resident says area needs more internet service options

To the Editor:

I have been living here in the outskirts of Ocala for 16 years. I have seen Ocala grow except in areas that really need to grow. The first thing is cellular phone service or more choices for landline companies, same goes for internet, I have had to deal with AT&T internet services which is the only company in my area and it doesn’t even work. I complain to them on a weekly basis and all I get there is nothing we can do.

Another topic is rate of pay compare to cost of living. I still do not make what I was making 16 years ago with now a college degree. The last thing I would like to see happen is more things for kids to do in Ocala. This might help kids stay out of trouble and off drugs. A waterpark or maybe even a few won’t hurt.

Atys Vega

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