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More residents write in asking for Costco, other grocer options around Ocala

Dozens more readers have written to Ocala-News.com in recent weeks regarding new grocers and national chains they would like to see in Ocala.

“We have been driving close to 170 miles round trip to Costco in Clearwater for over 10 years. The population in Ocala along with surrounding area would patronize an Ocala Costco due to growth. Folks from Citrus, Levy, Marion, and Alachua Counties all are asking for a Costco in Ocala,” says Joyce Schwing of Inglis.

“I live in Marion Oaks, we need a Home Depot store near by. Maybe on the 484 or 200 by the Walmart. On weekends, it’s quite a drive, especially if you have to go to the Home Depot that is 18 miles away,” says Sixta Santiago of Ocala.

“We are anxiously awaiting some options in the community…Pollo Tropical, Costco, Chipotle. We are getting a new highway by Crystal River and those are great healthy options for people,” says Denise Bernar of Inverness.

I have lived in Ocala for about 50 years. It’s a beautiful city and it has grown so much. I would love to see an outlet mall here” says Elaine Alfarone of Ocala. 

“In southwest Ocala we have more than enough car washes and gas stations. We could certainly use more restaurants, Costco or BJ’s, Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s and a super Target located closer to On Top of the World Community,” says On Top of the World resident Dora Gelibter. 

“Don’t know anyone that would not love a Costco in the Ocala area. Other stores would follow. We are growing, growing, growing,” says Claudia Garafola of Ocala. 

“Living in South Florida and shopping at Costco was great. I miss having a Costco here in Ocala. It would be great on the west side of 75. So many developments being built. I would be first in line to shop there. Hopefully, they will build one here,” says Cheryl Eubanks, Ocala resident. 

“Ocala is growing by leaps and bounds and the problem is there are no activities for the children of this community. We have had enough gas stations, car washers and Publix supermarkets. Please, let’s grow Ocala in a more positive direction impacting the children,” says Debbie Holcomb of Ocala. 

“I love Publix and think they are the classiest supermarket out there right now. But it is a problem when one supermarket has the market cornered and there is no competition. More diversity in the food stores would make a tremendous difference. Let the public have more of a choice when it comes to groceries,” says Ocala resident Patricia Hafen. 

Not all of the residents who have written in recently are in favor of additional grocers, chain stores, or other types of commercial growth.

“Ocala is horse country. There are a lot of different breeds represented here. Many of the Farms offer tours. That is not only entertaining, it is educational. The Beauty of the area is its openness. There are many restaurants around catering to every pallet and ethnicity. The great thing about Ocala is how you can get to the Amusement Parks and beaches on a day trip. What’s wrong with supporting your neighboring Communities? More is not always better but it’s always more. This is Horse Country,” says Ocala resident Patricia Mortensen. 

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