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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Marion County Litter Task Force kicks off, still asking for public feedback

The Marion County Litter Task force held its first meeting this past week to curb littering and illegal dumping across the community.

The task force, which was months in the making, was officially established by the Marion County Board of County Commissioners during their regular meeting on September 14. It consists of seven voting members and a collection of non-voting members. The seven voting members are appointed by the commissioner as well as the sheriff and the school board superintendent.

Marion County Litter Task Force
The Marion County Litter Task Force held its first meeting on Monday, September 27

The force is tasked with presenting a report to county commissioners within 180 days for the best strategies to reduce litter and illegal dumping in Marion County. They will consider a wide range of viewpoints, research tactics that have worked in other communities, and ensure that their recommendations are fiscally responsible.

As part of the its efforts, the Marion County Litter Task Force is conducting an open-ended survey on social media to gauge the public’s opinion about litter in the community. Previous survey results show that participants believe litter reduction should be a top priority in our community.

During the kick-off meeting, members were assigned subcommittees, all of which will hold recurring public meetings. The subcommittees have been tasked with developing tangible goals while focusing on the following topics: Ordinances & Enforcement, Marketing, and Community Outreach & Education. The subcommittees will bring their goals to the next task force meeting on November 1.

The Task Force is expected to compile the committee’s overall tangible goals in a presentation to the county commission on April 4, 2022.

For more information or updates, visit the Marion County Litter Task Force website. To share your opinions about litter in the county, visit the Marion County Litter Task Force Litter Survey.