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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Fifth Judicial Circuit State’s Attorney joins Florida Hate Crime Coalition

Fifth Judicial Circuit of Florida State Attorney Bill Gladson has joined the Florida Hate Crime Coaltion.

The attorney’s office made the announcement through a press release earlier this year.

The coalition’s mission is to make Florida’s hate crime law comprehensive, according to the release. Hate crime laws increase sentences for criminals who target victims because of his or her personal characteristics.

The group seeks to inform the public that Florida’s hate crime law covers anyone who is at risk of being victimized for who they are, what religion they practice, who they love, or what their national origin may be.

“As Florida continues to grow, and reflect a more diverse population, it is important that the hate crime law continues to evolve in order to guarantee equal protection for all citizens under the law” says Gladson.

The state attorney joins more than 340 others now part of the coalition, including elected officials, law enforcement leaders, civil rights groups, and non-profit organizations.

Bill Gladson was elected State Attorney for the Fifth Judicial Circuit in November of 2020. He is a former law enforcement officer and career prosecutor. His office oversees 250 employees who serve over 1.2 million residents in Citrus, Hernando, Lake, Marion, and Sumter Counties.