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Monday, November 29, 2021

City of Belleview updating quadrant street signs

Belleview City Commissioners approved changes to update the city’s quadrant street signs to include the city logo.

The changes were approved during the October 5 meeting of the Belleview City Commission. Commissioners selected a version of the new quadrant sign that includes an updated logo, and an inverted design for private roads.

City of Belleview Quadrant Signs
City of Belleview Quadrant Signs

Belleview Public Works Department budgeted funds to replace the old quadrant street signs throughout the city.

According to city records, the current signs are identical to Marion County’s quadrant signs and, as a result, sometimes require additional research to determine ownership and/or maintenance responsibilities.

“The city of Belleview street quadrant signs need to more clearly identify City of Belleview Streets. The proposed signs will be similar to Marion County’s with the addition of the City of Belleview Logo,” reads city records.