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Monday, November 22, 2021

Ocala resident shares her lingering health issues months after recovering from COVID-19

To the Editor:

I had COVID this year around the second week of July. I was very sick, but I decided to stay home and deal with it. I was in bed for 16 days. In August, I was still very weak and disoriented, and I thought it was normal because of what I went through.

We are now in October and I have been to two hospitals with signs of a heart attack and vertigo. They have run tests and they come back negative, showing that there is nothing wrong with me. Meanwhile, I can’t drive or go out by myself because I’m always dizzy and with chest pains. The doctors look at me and I feel they are not taking me serious.

I’m a very healthy, athletic, and fit person. I’m getting frustrated because I can’t do the normal things I used to do like going to work. The reason I decided to write in is because I want people out there, who are in the same situation, to know they are not alone. Hopefully Ocala will open a facility for people like myself, and help us to get back to being somewhat normal.

Neyda Torres

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