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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Ocala Fire Rescue employee recognized for 15 years of service

An Ocala Fire Rescue employee was recognized for her 15 years of service at last night’s city council meeting.

At the beginning of Tuesday’s meeting, Beth Antis was presented with a service award commemorating her fifteen years of service to the city.

City worker recognized with 15 year service award at city council meeting
Beth Antis receives a service award during the October 19 city council meeting (Photo courtesy of Ocala Fire Rescue)

Beth Antis kicked off her career with the City of Ocala in 2006 when she began working at Public Works as an Administrative Specialist 1.

By 2008, she had worked her way up to an Administrative Specialist 3.

In December 2011, she was sent to Ocala Fire Rescue (OFR) to help cover for an employee that was retiring. Her ideas and knowledge impressed the department’s chief, and after four months, she joined OFR’s team permanently.

She continued to become an essential member of the team, handling payroll, operations and personnel matters, and helping to prevent issues before they happened.

As her experience grew, so did her responsibility. In 2014, she took on the additional responsibilities of two retiring employees. The shift in workload led to a reclassification of her job title, and she became a Logistics and Information Management Specialist.

The service award was presented in recognition of her service to Ocala staff, citizens, and business leaders over the last fifteen years.

Mayor Kent Guinn thanked Antis and said, “We appreciate your service to the city and our citizens.”