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Ocala and Anthony residents share details on COVID symptoms and recovery

In response to a recent letter about recovering from COVID-19, Ocala and Anthony residents wrote in and shared their experiences recovering from the virus.

“Beginning on the evening of August 3, 2021, I was knocked down by the virus (I’ll spare the details). I crawled to and from the bathroom for 5 days. Stayed in the bedroom for 10 days, sleeping in a La-Z-Boy recliner. Vertigo never left me until October 19, 2021, when my wife, a longtime medical assistant, followed a very short YouTube video of body and head positions (and head movements and non-movements) for a total of less than 5 minutes to move the crystals in my inner ears. Wow! Almost instantly! Vertigo left and I built and filled two hotbeds that afternoon with soil, before dark. There are at least two YouTube videos on moving the crystals in the inner ears to stop Vertigo. We only followed one of videos,” says Ocala resident Rolland Kerr

“I’m a 19-month COVID-19 ‘long-hauler’. When I got COVID in March 2020, not much was known and there was no vaccine. Now, over 700,000 Americans have died and nearly 37% of COVID victims are long-haulers with damage just like me, but there is now a vaccine.
Prior to COVID, long-haulers didn’t have these issues like lung and heart damage, neurological issues, brain fog, constant exhaustion, vision and dental issues, and much more. My life has changed forever. I am in numerous COVID support groups from around the world, and I have followed and spoken to researchers and doctors from all over the world, including Hopkins. COVID is one of the most serious viruses of our time. The vaccine is our only hope to contain it and get to herd immunity where it can be like the flu. Those like me are now immunocompromised, which means that although we are vaccinated, we could die if we get a breakthrough case. We need post-COVID clinics here in Ocala, although I do have good specialists treating some of my symptoms. You don’t want to chance getting COVID and then spreading it to someone like me. That’s not fair. If you had it and were fine, lucky you, but that’s not always the case. Why play Russian roulette with your life and others when we have means to help reduce death rate plus damage?
Learn the facts of science – which, by the way, changes as research finds new evidence – not because it’s political,” says Nancy Carp, Ocala

“I received the vaccine. I have had dizzy spells, feeling sick. Chest pain, then I was talking on my phone and couldn’t talk or walk, then throwing up. My daughter got me to the car, took me to the hospital, and it was vertigo. They couldn’t find any reason. I do not want to get the booster. I never had any of these symptoms before,” says Anthony resident Heather Haithcock

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