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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Ocala resident speaks at school board meeting, says to ‘let kids catch a little COVID’

An Ocala resident spoke during the public comments portion of this week’s school board meeting, sharing his thoughts on letting children be exposed to COVID-19.

During the Marion County School Board Meeting on October 26, Ocala resident Gary White took to the podium to discuss his thoughts on children creating antibodies through exposure to COVID-19.

Ocala resident speaks at school board meeting says to 'let kids catch a little COVID'
Gary White speaks during public comments portion of Marion County School Board Meeting on October 26

“It is just amazing that the cure is here, and we’ve been had,” White began. “The government, the media, and the politicians have ate us up, and the cure was here.”

“There is no reason to suffer,” White continued. “The one thing the doctor will tell you is ‘don’t go to the hospital’. There are cures. You can be cured. You don’t have to worry. You don’t have to worry about your children, they need to get the antibodies. I’ve said it before: let them eat dirt. They build their antibodies, they’ll be strong, they’ll be healthy. The vaccine is dangerous. It has stuff in it that is dangerous to our kids.”

Addressing the school board, he ended with, “I’m supporting you in every way when you take off the face diaper and let the kids go free, and let them catch a little COVID, and get their antibodies, and be healthy, and live to an old, old ripe age.”

Due to a steep decline in the number of COVID-19 cases, Marion County Public Schools recently announced that face coverings are now optional for students, staff members, campus visitors, and volunteers in all county-wide public schools.

The weekly COVID-19 report released by the district for the week from Saturday, October 16 to Friday, October 22 showed that there were just 14 positive cases reported across the county.