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Monday, November 8, 2021

Marion County commissioners release lien for Fort McCoy property owners

Fort McCoy property owners in failing health secured the release of civil restitution liens that had been placed on the property due to its previous, deceased owner.

During the Marion County Board of County Commissioners regular meeting on Tuesday, November 2, commissioners voted to release two civil restitution liens on a Fort McCoy property after hearing from Marion County attorney Matthew Minter.

According to county records, Howard Robinson and Virginia Robinson, who are both Kentucky residents, are the current owners of the property, which is located at NE 137th Court in Fort McCoy.

Over eight and a half years ago in May 2013, the Robinson’s sold the property to an individual, who then proceeded to sell the property to Rodney Kent Rhoads, subject to the Robinson’s mortgage.

Rhoads was previously arrested in 2010 for drug possession, and in 2012 for driving under the influence and not having the proper motorcycle endorsement.

The arrest in 2012 violated Rhoads’ parole, which he again violated in 2015.

As a result, since Rhoads was the property owner, two civil restitution liens were placed on the Fort McCoy home.

Including interest, the total amount owed for both liens was a little over $4,700.00.

In October 2015, when Rhoads defaulted on the mortgage, the Robinson’s obtained the property back by way of deed in lieu of foreclosure. They were unaware of the liens that had accrued on the property. The Robinson’s were also responsible for paying back taxes on the property.

Rhoads did not make any payments toward those civil restitution liens and passed away in 2018.

The Robinson’s are now in failing health and are looking to sell the property. During last week’s meeting, Minter presented the request from the couple, who could not attend. After a brief discussion, commissioners voted to release both civil restitution liens totaling $4,728.85.

The Marion County Board of County Commissioners will hold its next regular meeting at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, November 16 at the McPherson Governmental Campus auditorium (601 SE 25th Avenue, Ocala).