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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Batting Cages arriving at Wrigley Fields

Batters will soon have a new place to practice their swings.

Construction recently finished for new batting cages at Wrigley Fields located at 405 East Highway 316 in Citra.

The total cost for the project was nearly $164,000 and it was overseen by the Marion County Parks and Recreation Department.

The batting cages include two lanes for ages 12 and up, and three lanes for ages 12 and under. Sidewalks were also constructed near the cages.

The county feels that the batting cages will improve upon the development of play at the facility, and the sidewalks will improve access to the cages.

Wrigley Fields has a variety of sports fields for baseball, softball, and t-ball programs.

During the regular Marion County Board of County Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, November 16, the commissioners will motion to approve the close-out of the Wrigley Fields batting cages project now that the work has been completed.

For more information, visit the Marion County Parks and Recreation website.