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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Local business Brilliant Bins wants to clean city’s trash cans

A local business is looking for an innovative approach to clean the city’s trash cans.

Blake Spires presented his business, Brilliant Bins, during Wednesday’s 1 Million Cups Ocala event in downtown Ocala.

His business is bringing a curbside trash can cleaning service to Ocala.

The three issues facing trash cans, Spires mentioned, are bacteria, odor, and pests. Bacteria can live in temperatures between 40 and 140 degrees, and he pointed out that the odor from bacteria can attract pests like ants, flies, and raccoons.

Brilliant Bins offers a curbside cleaning model, using a custom-built truck to clean the trash cans with 200-degree water at 3,500psi, with no chemicals or waste run-off.

The trash cans are lifted into the back of the truck, and spraying heads handle the interior cleaning while wands spray the outside.

Local business looks to clean city8217s trashcans
Blake Spires shows the design for the custom-built trucks

The cleaning process takes on average between 35 to 45 seconds, and can sometimes be finished in less than 15 seconds. Once cleaned, a fresh scent is also sprayed into the trash can.

According to Spires, the process is 100% Eco-friendly, and all the used water is captured and reclaimed in the back of the truck.

The company plans on offering a no contract, subscription-based model with one-time, quarterly, and monthly payment options. The one-time service would cost $60, and the monthly subscription would be discounted at $25 per month.

The day before a scheduled cleaning, the company will send a text message reminder to leave the trash can outside. The customer will also receive a follow-up text message once the cleaning is finished.

When asked about a grand opening date for the business, Spires said, “I was just told there’s a slight delay. I was actually planning on operating in mid-December. Looks like it’s going to be mid-to-late January now.”

He envisions eventually being able to clean restaurant dumpsters as well.

“There is a truck that has bigger arms on the back of it to pick up a dumpster. My dream is to have this truck in the next 18 to 24 months. We’re going to pick up a big old dumpster, lift it up, and clean it in one to two minutes. That is my growth plan.”

“Ocala is exploding, growing, and I want to be a part of the sanitation solution here,” Spires added.