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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Ocala resident shares experience inside Marion County Jail

To the Editor:

I have so much to say dating back to 2018. I was told (during a 2018 incident) that I was being brought to a higher up (now retired) friend in Human Resources. I was sitting drinking water, reading my History Channel Magazine. After they refused to call me a cab, I was told I was being brought to someone. I was never told I was being arrested.

I was not handcuffed upon entering and multiple officers/deputies attacked me, ripping off my clothes, jewelry, everything. I witnessed everything from sexual assault by guards on inmates, to allowing someone to almost overdose. I was not allowed a call. I was not told in court what I’d even been arrested for.

I was told I was guilty of something and given a public defender, even being an Associate with LegalShield at the time. I have a much more detailed account of the entire 28 days for what they decided was disorderly. I take neuropathy medicine for my feet and was denied that as well as food and water.

I’ve never been suicidal, but they put me on suicide watch. I didn’t know that. Never had a record or any idea of what happens in jail. The guards assaulted me. I was too weak to lift my head before court. A wheelchair was brought, I was put in handcuffs again, and pulled up by my arms causing a torn rotator cuff.

Upon return to the cell, I was dumped out of the wheelchair and my left foot slammed in the door causing damage. There is so much more in chronological order to tell, complete with names. I witnessed abuses of the special needs.

No one wanted to listen. I’m a taxpayer, homeowner, and business owner with a clean record who is drug free. I have concern for those unable to speak for themselves.

Ocala resident Erin Hollifield

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