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Monday, January 24, 2022

Ocala residents share thoughts on city’s transportation needs

Ocala residents recently wrote in and shared their thoughts on the city’s transportation needs:

“I wholeheartedly agree that it will be beneficial to have a train service in Ocala again.
There are a lot of people I know that would love this opportunity to be able to go south and enjoy a day or two without them having to worry about the drive. I for one would love it.
Marion County is growing rapidly and we need more means of transportation here.
The airport needs to have flights back to accommodate local residents and tourists coming into Marion County,” says Vicki Briggs, Ocala resident.

“We recently moved to Ocala from Okeechobee, which has an Amtrak station. We used it on several occasions. I was surprised when moving to the Ocala area that there wasn’t Amtrak service,” says Ocala resident Benny Vaughn.

“Yes, yes, yes. We need an airport that flies commercial flights to other American cities. Ocala is rapidly expanding and needs this for increasing our economy,” says Patricia Fullagar, Ocala resident.

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