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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Marion County School Board vice-chairwoman earns certified distinction

Marion County School Board’s newly elected vice chairwoman has received a certified distinction.

According to a Marion County Public Schools press release, Allison Campbell recently earned Certified Board Member status from the Florida School Boards Association (FSBA).

Marion County School Board vice chairwoman earns certified distinction
Allison Campbell recently earned Certified Board Member status

This certified status confirms that Campbell is well-rounded and has a firm grasp of her policy-making responsibilities. Two other current board members, Kelly King and Nancy Thrower, are also certified.

Certified board members must complete 96 hour of training on various topics ranging from boardsmanship, school finance, policy governance, bargaining, curriculum and instruction, state and federal legislative processes, and school law.

Another 15 hours of training each year is also required to ensure that the certified board members remain updated on the newest policies.

Campbell was elected as the school board’s District 1 representative in 2020. In November, she accepted the nomination of vice-chairwoman.

During the FSBA’s joint conference that was held in Tampa earlier this week, Campbell also received an “Emerging Leaders” honor.