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Ocala resident shares thoughts on meaning of Christmas

To the Editor:

How sad that the December issues of Ocala’s magazines did not run one picture of the creche scene or any pictures of the birth of Jesus.

Why were references to America being founded as a Christian nation simply ignored by the editors and publishers of both Ocala Magazine and Ocala Style Magazine? An American Founding Father, John Adams, told our military that, “Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people.”

Only the ad by Ocala Electric Utility carried the Merry Christmas wish for readers. The fact that wishes for a Merry Christmas had to be bought and paid for by Ocala’s own utility customers bespeaks of a media apparatus in this town that ignores the notion that the United States of America is “one nation under God” as our Pledge of Allegiance tells us.

One glossy outlet featured graphics for Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, yet there were no pictures of Jesus. The nationally famous Christmas displays of Laura Mae Hunt feature a large name of Jesus on her roof, yet the magazine did not show its readers this display. She tells us in Style’s feature that, “It’s not so much about all the decorations, but recognizing He is who He is and the reason for the season.”

I have visited places of worship all over the world, and there is no lovelier church anywhere that can rival Ocala’s Saint George Anglican Cathedral for a warm and inviting presence of God for local worshipers, in my opinion. The 400 churches in our town were just slighted by its liberal media. However, the media could not bring itself to run one picture of the birth of Jesus, especially in 2021, a difficult and sad year that begs for inspiration for all citizens.

Suzanne Eovaldi
Ocala resident

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