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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Dunnellon resident shares thoughts on benefit of growth in Ocala, Marion County

To the Editor:

Is it instinctive to not want growth, betterment, advancement, and a better economy? We have an attractive area in our Marion County. We have the best of both worlds. Our farm land and horse ranches are far beyond charming and alluring. Our resources are abundant in our State and County parks. Bird sanctuaries, wildlife, and breathtaking natural protected flowers are all still there for everyone to enjoy. We have the serene and breathtaking Rainbow River that is abundant with natural surroundings.

If you want a delightful lunch or ‘nightlife,’ you can travel just a short 25 minutes to Ocala. There are a plethora of restaurants, art, music, and always people looking to have an enticing experience. If you are a shopper, you can find everything and anything, the whole shebang on State Road 200. Our medical population is also advancing. Why? Because we are the place that has it all, and medical professionals follow the flourishing, developing population.

There is actually something for everyone. Yes, change is burdensome for some, but change feeds survival. What if nothing was ever changed in Marion County? The current population dies off, and what is left? No one moves here anymore because there’s no growth, no upgrades, no gains for anyone to look to Marion County. Just empty homes, abandoned buildings, and desolate malls. How does that promote living here?

Don’t be so contrary to upgrades, improvement, and betterment of Ocala or Marion County. There’s a fate that awaits us all.

MaryJo Smith
Rainbow Springs, Dunnellon

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