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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Ocala resident shares thoughts on county leadership, growth

To the Editor:

I still get a kick, 23 years after moving to Marion County, being a Native Floridian, and being snubbed because “Native” to many O.G. Ocalans means that one is born in Ocala or Marion County.

I didn’t notice this good ol’ boy crap until I started working for the Marion County Board of County Commissioners, where that mentality slithers quietly, praying (and preying) that it stays somewhat hidden, undisturbed, unchallenged, and unchecked.

I have worked in Civil Service, via the C.E.T.A. Program and the VA (post-Discharge from the Army), and I have seen Ocala in her more glorious and charming years.

‘Sl-Ocala’ had the charm of a classy Southern Belle. Now, what the Commissioners and politicians, past to present, have done is taken the lady and sold her soul to their client-developers. The Trail, in Orlando, has a less soiled reputation than our old gal now has.

I agree with many of your readers that we, the voters, are due a change from the O.G. good ol’ boys.

We need our quiet, quaint County back. We need to allow those that want their old home ways to understand that the road that brought them to Marion County/Ocala goes the other direction, too. I’ll pay for that first gallon of gas if they want to leave. We need a man or woman to have the fortitude of Buford Pusser, right here in the Horse Capital Of The World.

Edgar Mosier
Ocala resident

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