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Monday, January 24, 2022

Contractor looking for $1.5 million contract with Marion County for resurfacing of streets in Silver Springs Shores

Marion County may soon enter into a five-month, $1.5 million contract with an Ocala-based company to resurface roads in Silver Springs Shores.

Anderson Columbia Company, Inc. will look for approval of the contract during the Marion County Board of County Commissioners regular meeting on Tuesday, January 4, 2022.

The 150-day contract is for the resurfacing of approximately 9.6 miles of minor local roads in Silver Springs Shores, 8.85 miles of overlay, nearly three-quarters of a mile of reclaiming and resurface, and .02 miles of new construction, according to county records.

The resurfacing work will include roadway prep, crack sealing, leveling, shoulder removal, minor clearing and grubbing, temporary striping, permanent thermoplastic striping, and stabilizing all areas that are disturbed during the construction.

Reclaiming and resurface work will include all the above items along with the addition of imported limerock to re-establish two percent roadway slope and driveway prep. The new construction will entail construction survey, excavation of exiting right-of-way and placement of a one-foot limerock base, and asphalt placement including shoulder work and sod placement.

The county received four bids for the project and Anderson Columbia Company was the lowest bidder at $1,505,838.79.

Under the contract, the final 30 days of work would accommodate the placement of thermoplastic striping only, and all other contract-related work would need to be completed within the first 120 days.

The Marion County Board of County Commissioners meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month at the McPherson Governmental Campus Auditorium (601 SE 25th Avenue).