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Saturday, November 26, 2022

‘Commitment To Zero’ action plan aims to eliminate traffic-related deaths, serious injuries

Leaders from organizations around Ocala and Marion County gathered this week to kick off an action plan with the goal of zero traffic-related deaths and serious injuries.

On Wednesday, county leaders and elected officials gathered at the Marion County Board of County Commissioners auditorium for the first meeting of the ‘Commitment To Zero’ action plan.

The plan was established by the Ocala Marion Transportation Planning Organization, and it aims to eliminate traffic-related deaths and serious injuries in Marion County.

The meeting was led by Marion County Commissioner Michelle Stone. The goals and timeline for the action plan were laid out, and the goal is for the plan to be fully adopted in late summer of 2022.

Commitment To Zero plan looks to eliminate deaths injuries on county roads
Wednesday’s meeting was led by Marion County Commissioner Michelle Stone

Meeting attendees included Marion County Commissioners Michelle Stone and Kathy Bryant, Ocala Mayor Kent Guinn, and Florida Department of Transportation District Five Office of Safety Administrator Loreen Bobo.

Members of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Ocala Police Department, Florida Highway Patrol, the Ocala City Council, Marion County Fire Rescue, the Marion County School Board, and more were also in attendance.

The ‘Commitment To Zero’ plan looks to not only reduce, but eliminate deaths and serious injuries on all Marion County roads. There were 793 deaths on Marion County roads in the past decade, and the plan outlines proactive steps that can be taken to prevent those deaths and serious injuries.

The plan focuses on four major areas to accomplish its task:

  • Education and Awareness
  • Public and Partner Engagement
  • Safety Analysis
  • Action Planning

Now that the ‘Commitment To Zero’ is officially underway, the Ocala Marion Transportation Planning Organization has several events, meetings, and surveys planned throughout the year before the plan is finalized in September.

The plan is a collaborative process involving citizens, elected officials, stakeholders, and partners from the private and public sectors. Anyone interested in joining the process can attend an upcoming meeting or participate in a survey.

For more information about the ‘Commitment To Zero’ action plan, visit the Ocala Marion Transportation Planning Organization website.