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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Ocala resident voices concerns on toll road

To the Editor:

Hi everyone. We have a major issue with this toll road they have been wanting to build which is going through our rural area. Why do we need a toll road in Ocala? Why can’t it be built elsewhere, and why does it have to be in our beautiful horse country?

This brings us once more to the growth of our once-awesome city and it is ridiculous. We do not want that toll road, so those in charge should stop taking payments for these things and think about the residents. Yes, stop getting your palms greased for your convenience only. We oppose this and the majority do not want it.

It is bad enough that Marion County has had so much building going on. The bad part is that we, in the county, cannot vote these commissioners out because we get taxed, but not represented. We are not allowed to vote in city elections.

The toll road must not be allowed to go through our area, and everything in our power should and must be done to stop it. It will ruin and destroy a lot of our natural beauty if we don’t, and we already have enough of that.

Marta Varnell
Ocala resident

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