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Monday, May 16, 2022

More Ocala residents discuss city’s roadside trash issue

In response to recent Letters to the Editor that discussed the issue of roadside trash throughout the city, a few Ocala residents wrote in and shared their thoughts and concerns on this topic:

“I have discussed this problem in a previous message, but I feel it needs to be brought up again. The trash on the side of the roads, especially SW 60th, is growing by the day. I agree with everyone who has posted about this. It’s the people who just don’t care. That said, where are the sanitation workers? Some of the garbage, like an old white broken plastic chair, has been there for at least nine months. That shows that not a single piece of garbage has been cleaned up since then. There are pieces of plastic from cars involved in previous accidents, among a multitude of other trash. What are we paying taxes for? The county needs to take care of this and get crews out there to clean it up. People, we need to call the county to complain. Please call Marion County Code Enforcement (352-671-8900) and the Marion County Office of the County Engineer (352-671-8686),” says Ocala resident Joseph Alberti.

“I feel the reason Ocala has such a trash issue is the way trash pickup is handled. Ocala doesn’t include it in our taxes like some areas do. Right now, people have to pay for trash pickup or take it to the dump (which we do). The dump drop off is great for those that use it, but people don’t want to do this. If people didn’t have the choice and all homes had to pay for it, maybe we would see more trash in cans being picked up each week,” says Kelly Dower, Ocala resident.

“First of all, the people that throw trash out of their windows are pigs. They know better. Why can’t they carry a bag in their vehicle for trash like most normal people do? Waste money on bins and what? Really? I don’t think so. What needs to happen is more fines for these inconsiderate people. They laugh about it (I have seen that), they do it on purpose, and the only accommodations they should get is to pay out some serious cash for their filth. I do not even want to imagine how they keep their properties and homes. Total pigs,” says Ocala resident Marta Varnell.

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