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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Ocala Symphony Orchestra launching Community Music Conservatory program

Students of all ages are now able to sign up for classes at the Ocala Symphony Orchestra Community Music Conservatory.

Two classes are being offered in Spring 2022 as part of the initial launch and additional classes will be open for Summer 2022. All programs will be held at the education wing located at Reilly Arts Center (500 NE 9th Street in Ocala).

For the spring, registration is currently open for the following classes:

  • Buckets and Boomwhackers: An introduction into basic rhythm and percussion for musicians of various ages and abilities. Tuition for this eight-week course is $150 and classes meet once a week.
  • Class Guitar: A group lesson format that teaches the basic fundamentals necessary to play guitar, read music and guitar tablature, play common chord progressions, and more. There are beginner classes (ages 8 to 13) and adult classes (ages 14 and up). Tuition for this eight-week course is $150 and classes meet once a week.

To learn more about the spring classes, or to register, visit the Reilly Arts Center Community Music Conservatory webpage.

In the summer, the music conservatory will expand its courses to include the following:

  • Steel Pan Ensemble: Students will learn steel pan techniques as well as several accompanying percussion instruments, and they will learn how to play in a variety of musical styles that range from the traditional calypso and soca styles of Trinidad and Tabago to today’s pop music.
  • Symphony 101: Students (ages 16 and up) will delve into various topics and gain insight into the western musical tradition and music as an art form. Topics will include an introduction to music literacy, in-depth discussions on the instruments of the orchestra, an overview of the evolution of classical music, and more. This class will be led by Matthew Wardell, OSO Music Director and Conductor.
  • Songs and Stories: A fun and interactive combination of music, play, and literacy for younger children. Each child will experience movement through music, stories presented through song, and interactive musical tales.
  • Private Lessons: Each student will experience highly focused private lessons that cater to their individual needs. Instructors will access each student’s abilities to develop a personalized plan to progress their musicianship to the next level.

For more information on Community Music Conservatory programming, contact Margaret Dixon, Director of Education and Outreach at the Reilly Arts Center, via email at:  [email protected].