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Friday, March 31, 2023

Marion County residents discuss speeding and congestion on local roads

Several Marion County residents wrote in to share their thoughts and concerns on the topic of traffic congestion and speeding on local roads.

“I agree that there are too many people speeding on the local city roads as well. On 60th, the speed limit is 45 miles per hour. People go well over that. They’re going at least 20 miles per hour over that. I’m a safe driver who follows all road rules and speed limits. Plus, I’m also a new driver. I have three children to keep safe. So yes, I’m going to obey the road rules and speed limits. On any 45 mile-per-hour road, I see people literally going speeds that are meant for the freeway. I-75 speeds. That’s not acceptable to me at all. That’s my opinion because I’m a mother of three and a wife,” says Ocala resident Rhonda Kimbrell.

“While giving the go-ahead to several new housing projects in Silver Springs Shores, the County Commission has ignored the already overcrowded roads in the Shores. Maricamp Road and Baseline Road are jammed with bumper-to-bumper traffic in all lanes every morning and afternoon. Along with the lack of Sheriff’s patrols, it has been a constant source of red light and stop sign runners, not to mention road rage. Maybe the Commission should consider that roads like Maricamp are the only direct route to and from Ocala. I can’t remember the last time Maricamp Road was repaved, and I’ve lived in the Shores for the past 19 years. The last thing we need is more traffic,” says Don Goodman, Silver Springs Shores resident.

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