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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Ocala resident discusses ‘excessive’ water and sewer costs

Residents across Marion County have recently submitted letters to share their thoughts and concerns regarding the cost of water bills. In response to those letters, a resident from Ocala weighed in on the topic.

“For the individuals that write in and say that we are going to run out of water, they are just trying to scare the public. Ocala has six water wells drilled into the Floridan Aquifer. One of the most productive aquifers in the world, the Floridan aquifer system underlies a total area of about 100,000 square miles in southern Alabama, southeastern Georgia, southern South Carolina, and all of Florida. Do your homework before trying to scare people.

About the City of Ocala’s water department, they need to do a better job of supplying water to communities. They do not do that much chemical treatment. Water is softened and chlorinated for disinfecting purposes, and fluoridated for dental health purposes, according to the 2020 water quality report.

We have lived in six other states and never even paid half this much for water and sewer. The water and sewer costs are excessive. We pay more for sewer charges than water charges. Why? It’s interesting that the sewer base rate is more than double the base charge for water. Why? Do they have problems running the sewage plant and lift stations?

All water does not become sewage. Watering lawns and plants is not sewage, yet they charge us for that. In our community, we had water that was provided by United Water. We were allowed 7,000 gallons a month. Our lawns looked green, and we all had them taken care of. To make matters worse, this was included in our lot rent.

Now we have an outrageous cost. This is exceedingly difficult for couples that live on social security. Do you think we will do this with the excessive water and sewer charge from the city? The sad part of this is that Sun Community just tossed aside all the goodwill they made over the many years that this community had and went with City water/sewer. Now we are paying for their selfishness.”

Gary Bielak
Ocala resident

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