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Saturday, May 14, 2022

Several Ocala residents share thoughts on city’s transportation needs

Several residents from Ocala recently submitted letters to share their thoughts and concerns regarding the city’s transportation needs.

“I just read that a person said to close our borders to ‘Keep Ocala Simple.’ It’s way beyond that now. We need to build a bypass to avoid all the traffic. I used to call 31st Street the ‘shortcut’ coming from the Shores and going to the southwest side of town. Now there is no ‘shortcut’ going from one side of Ocala to the other. And how about U.S. 27, by the Publix and the Catholic school, going to 60th street to cut over to SR 200 so you miss the I-75 traffic on SR 200. The last time I took that ride, the line was backed up for a mile. Ocala now needs a bypass around the city. There is no more space to put an extra lane in. Now start spending my money by building a road around the city of Ocala,” says Ocala resident Debbie Holcomb.

“Why is there no transportation in Ocala? You have a beautiful train station in Ocala that I used to take to Hollywood, Florida to see my mom, and also to New York to see my family. There are no airplanes out of Ocala either, and you have a beautiful airport. There are also no buses in Ocala for traveling out of the city. I want to go to a baseball game in Tampa but I have no way to get there. Ocala took down the water park two years ago, and also took out the rides at Silver Springs park along with the animals too. Ocala has nothing for my grandchildren to do except parks and museums,” says Beverly DeMarco, Ocala resident.

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