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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Silver Springs resident shares thoughts and concerns regarding local mental health facility

To the Editor:

I have never witnessed such incompetence before in my life. I have an adult autistic son who also has schizoaffective disorder, and he does not like to take his medication. Therefore, he repeatedly gets Baker Acted. Every time he gets Baker Acted into The Vines Hospital, something happens.

This time, he was released with a pharmacy bag containing an injectable. What am I supposed to do with an injectable? I’m not a nurse. I called The Vines Hospital, and nobody would answer the phone in the nurse‚Äôs station. I left a message asking what vein to inject it into and they still haven’t called me back.

We have had nothing but problems with The Vines Hospital. My son still has all his rights, so when he is committed there, they usually won’t talk to me. The last Baker Act into The Vines Hospital lasted nine days and he was released with a medication that he can’t take.

The Vines Hospital has released my son and put him on the bus. My son’s IQ is less than 70. They once sent him to a facility in Daytona, once to a hospital in Gainesville, and once to the Tampa ghetto. I had my son text me pictures of street signs so I could find him. They once even started Involuntary Commitment proceedings on my son.

No attorney cares until something happens. A letter to the governor didn’t help. This place really needs to be investigated.

Colleen O’Brien
Silver Springs resident

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