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Saturday, May 14, 2022

More residents discuss Ocala/Marion County’s transportation needs

More local residents submitted letters to share their thoughts on Ocala/Marion County’s transportation needs.

“Once upon a time, there were signs that said, ‘Right on Red After Stop.’ It seemed to be effective. There are no signs now, and I can sit at places like 27th Avenue and State Road 200 and watch an amazing number of people turning right on red without even slowing down. One day, I saw 13 cars run that light without so much as even looking to make sure nothing was coming from the left. It really is sickening to see so many people who think it is okay to do this. Unfortunately, I have even seen police cars do the same thing. Something needs to be done, maybe like the light on the corner of State Road 200 and 60th that shows when you can turn right on red and when you can’t,” says Ocala resident Karen Perkins.

“You need to have roads that suit the area where new projects are being developed. The developer should be responsible for all the new roads and sidewalk access in the area of the development. You can’t just build something and not have the proper roads and sidewalks to handle all the people that the new project will bring into the area,” says Judith Dunlap, Summerfield resident.

“I live off Baseline Road and I agree that the traffic is terrible. A bypass would be great. Trying to get to State Road 200 takes forever. I wish they would open new rides and a water park at Silver Springs park. It was a tourist attraction and was fun for locals as well. Even the Six Gun park closed. A bus depot would be great and we could have day trips to see local attractions like Marineland, Weeki Wachee, and Wild Florida. We could also have trips to Jacksonville or St. Augustine, and transportation to the parks in Orlando,” says Ocala resident Rita Miller.

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