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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

More residents weigh in on Ocala/Marion County’s transportation needs

More residents across Marion County recently submitted letters to share their thoughts on the topic of Ocala/Marion County’s transportation needs.

“I think a great idea has been presented. Using existing infrastructure instead of creating more environmental issues is the better choice. Did you know that asphalt creates heat? With global warming, we should use other alternatives wherever possible. I understand that  someone named the airport ‘International,’ but sometimes dreams don’t fit within the parameters of reality. Train tracks that are already in use and being expanded to the south of us would be better for the environment, noise control, and land use. I hope someone is listening and is willing to investigate the possibility of a better idea,” says Ocala resident Donya Singletary.

“I have been reading the articles regarding Ocala’s need for a larger airport. However, I agree with the reader from California that we should explore other mass transit options. Ocala doesn’t really have any mass transit options for its residents, and certainly not from the Ocala-Orlando corridor. Ocala has a unique opportunity that it could provide train service between Gainesville, Tampa, and Orlando corridors, being that we are a bedroom community, so to speak. I am a military brat and have been blessed to live in different places, for which I am grateful. Florida is one of the few places that I have resided in that has chosen not to take advantage of its opportunities. We are a rich state with lots of tourism. Why haven’t we chosen to take advantage of a transit/train system for the locals (for the most part)? We should have a rail system running between Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and Gainesville, at a minimum, with additional stops being added later. The problem is that the existing infrastructure is crumbling which would require us to build anew because the tracks we currently have wouldn’t support that kind of traffic. Whatever the solution, I think the point my friend from California was making was that maybe we should consider all of the options before deciding what mode of transportation is decided upon for the residents of Ocala,” says Toni Giuffrida-Gaydas, Ocala resident.

“With Ocala/Marion County getting commercial airlines to come into our airport, plus a railroad system, it would help us grow. More revenue and jobs. County growth would expand our jobs, houses, medical facilities, etc. Why let these southern counties take away
our revenue?” says Summerfield resident William Sattler.

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