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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Marion County recognizes Building Safety Month

Marion County is celebrating Building Safety Month, a nationally recognized awareness effort that aims to promote the importance of strengthening, repairing, and modernizing buildings and infrastructure.

During the Marion County Board of County Commissioners regular meeting on Tuesday, the commissioners made a proclamation to recognize the county’s Building Safety department. Each year in May, the International Code Council and representatives from the building construction, design, and safety communities come together with partner organizations to promote building safety through different avenues.

Marion County celebrating Building Safety Month in May
Marion County Commissioners and Building Safety Director Mike Savage at Tuesday’s meeting (Photo courtesy of the Marion County Board of County Commissioners)

This year, Marion County will celebrate the month by providing information through social media, in-person meetings, and through the proclamation that was made by commissioners this week. According to a press release from the county, Marion County Building Safety has issued over 17,000 permits, handled more the 110,000 inspections, and taken part in over 10,000 plan reviews during this fiscal year.

“Building Safety awareness has really improved within Marion County within the last decade. We have had the ability to go out and meet our contractors and provide a service they appreciate and is transparent. We must continue to propel forward as Marion County grows in population,” said Mike Savage, Marion County Building Safety Director.

Savage added, “The services we provide make sure that citizens are protected from disasters like fires, weather-related events, and structural collapse. This is achieved though building safety code awareness and practice. We are helping to protect homes, offices, schools, manufacturing facilities, stores, and entertainment venues through the implementation of proper construction practice.”

Building Safety Month will use different themes to provide information and awareness throughout the month of May. The featured topics are as follows:

  • Week 1: Energy and Innovation.
  • Week 2: Building Safety Careers.
  • Week 3: Disaster Preparedness.
  • Week 4: Water Safety.

Marion County will use videos, writings, and interviews to highlight these topics with the intention of promoting and educating the public on why each topic is important.

For more information, visit the Marion County Building Safety webpage or contact the office directly at 352-438-2400.