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Saturday, May 14, 2022

More residents write in asking for Costco in Ocala

More residents have submitted letters regarding their desire to see a Costco move into the Ocala area.

“I’m so glad other people would like to have a Costco near us. We had one in Tulsa, near Bixby where I lived, and it is doing fantastically well. Sam’s Club is too far to shop, plus it is hard to find a parking spot. The location is bad because of the egress and degrees from SR 200 are very difficult, and the traffic gets held up. A Costco near Highway 484 and SR 200 would be the ideal spot. Dunnellon, Belleview, and all the 55-plus communities, some of which are building up like crazy, could use something like Costco. There is plenty of land for a Costco with adequate parking. Please invite Costco to open a store here. The nearest one is in Orlando or Jacksonville,” says On Top of the World resident Linda Hill.

“I’d be so very happy if a Costco store would open in Ocala. We have a very limited selection of where we can shop. Please consider us,” says Debra Behr, Beverly Hills resident.

“I’ve lived in Ocala my whole life, 31 years now, and I believe a Costco is a better choice than Sam’s club for our growing community. I’m a warehouse worker myself, and I think Costco would be a great addition for us in Ocala if only given the chance,” says Ocala resident Teena Traver.

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