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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Florida’s reigning Teacher of the Year visiting Shady Hill Elementary School this week

Florida’s reigning Teacher of the Year, Sarah Painter, will be visiting Shady Hill Elementary School on Friday, May 13.

The school’s third annual Kindy 500 event, an end-of-year celebration for its kindergarten classes, will coincide with Painter’s visit. In preparation of the event, parents, families, and children worked together to create cars and other vehicles from cardboard boxes, and these vehicles will be shown off in a parade in front of the entire school at 8 a.m. on Friday.

Painter is a fifth-grade teacher at Eisenhower Elementary School in Pinellas County. As the 2022 Florida Teacher of the Year, Painter serves as the Christa McAuliffe Ambassador for Education, working to create greater public awareness of Florida’s outstanding teachers and elevating the education profession.

Prior to her visit at Shady Hill Elementary School (5959 S Magnolia Avenue in Ocala), Painter will be meeting privately with the school’s teaching faculty to share her inspiration and teaching philosophy which focuses on collaboration and student success.

Marion County’s 2021 Teacher of the Year, Christine Fernandez, is a teacher at Shady Hill Elementary School. Fernandez became friends with Painter while they both competed for Florida’s top teaching honor, and Fernandez extended the invitation for Painter’s upcoming visit.

For more information, contact the MCPS Public Relations Office via phone (352-671-7555) or email ([email protected]).