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More letters submitted by residents requesting Costco in Ocala

More Ocala residents recently submitted letters regarding their desire to see a Costco move into the area.

“My husband and I are in favor of a Costco in the Ocala area. The closest one to us is in Lutz/Wesley Chapel, which is one hour and 5 minutes from our house unless we get stuck in traffic backups caused by accidents. Costco has the best prices on hearing aids, and there are plenty of seniors in Ocala who need hearing aids. Plus, they have quite a few food items we like to buy there, and they have a great jewelry counter. I have also heard that they have good prices on prescription medication,” says Ocala resident Phyllis Setchell.

“There are presently no Costco’s and similar giant discount chains in Ocala for one simple reason: population density. Until a certain number of households per square mile are reached, they will not come, no matter the profit potential. All of us living here may disagree and complain about our uncontrolled growth, but unfortunately, large corporations like Costco have in-house formulas that they stick to,” says William Lee, Ocala resident.

“I would love a Costco in Ocala. I have been a member for over 40 years and hate not having one in Ocala, but I would prefer it be in the northwest. There are no stores there, but the area is growing like crazy. Highway 326 is being cleared currently for development. This location would also pull customers from Gainesville. Please consider Ocala,” says Ocala resident Joyce Parella.

“I was saddened to learn that any Costco store is over an hour’s drive away from our On Top Of The World community. I have been a Costco member for over 40 years. We recently moved to Ocala from Oregon. Costco is everywhere in-between. I love Costco for their quality and bulk buying. I have my favorite items that I only buy at Costco, some of which cannot be shipped due to their perishable nature. I’m definitely in favor of having a Costco in Ocala,” says Shelly Leavenworth, Ocala resident.

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