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Saturday, May 14, 2022

Ocala resident discusses city’s massive growth

To the Editor:

I admit, I’m a part of the problem.

You see, I moved to Ocala from the Dade/Broward area 53 years ago, during a time when many others from South Florida had decided that they didn’t care for the ‘lifestyle’ down there, so they moved away too. I remember how hard it was to fit in with the locals, those who were born and raised here. I eventually was welcomed and made a nice life for my family and myself.

Many complain about the nearly 1,000 people per week who are moving here. Thank those in office who are rubber-stamping all new developments (with only a few exceptions). Ask your representatives and/or candidate what happened to the money (‘impact fee’) for new construction that used to pay for the infrastructure that would help support new communities? There wasn’t a need for additional taxes shared by all for roads because the builders/home buyers were paying for them.

Remember in November.

These days, I take exception with some of the folks who only recently moved to Ocala/Marion County, contributing to the massive growth, and complaining about how it’s not what they wanted or expected. I’m a part of the problem, and so are they.

Jaime Lazarus
Ocala resident

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