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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Ocala resident voices concerns regarding Ocala/Marion County Growth

In response to numerous letters that discussed growth in the Ocala/Marion County area, an Ocala resident recently wrote in to share her thoughts and concerns on this topic.

“I agree with a previous letter that stated: “There is always someone with more money that waves it in the face of county politicians who will build until the county bursts.” Thank you for saying what a lot of people are thinking.

I want to know what the rules, regulations, and criteria are regarding how things are approved for development. It seems to me that approval comes really fast without regard to infrastructure.

Proposed townhomes and construction of houses near us were built on what I call ‘low country’ (property that was lower than the road). Driveways were concreted over drainage pipes, instead of the drainage pots being dug into the ground and then the concrete poured over it like the rest of homes in our subdivision. There’s a big hump in the driveway and the water runs down into people’s garages. How could this have been approved?

Also, the builder waited until all our roads were paved, and the fire hydrants were installed in our subdivision, all “at the expense of the homeowners.”  Then, all the lots were bought by Armstrong Homes and homes were built. One neighbor had to have a berm built to keep runoff from the new homes from flooding his house. How was the building of these houses approved by Marion County commissioners?

Now, townhouses have been approved on low property and near major power lines, right across from a gated community. Traffic on the two-lane, curved, and scenic country road will increase dramatically going to Maricamp and 301/441. There have been many accidents on this curve.”

Marilyn Bradley
Ocala resident

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