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Friday, September 30, 2022

City of Ocala soliciting quotes for vendor to repair vehicles on as-needed basis

The City of Ocala is soliciting quotes for an experienced vendor to provide automobile and truck body repair work on an as-needed basis.

The request for quotes is currently posted through the City of Ocala’s Procurement and Contracting Office and runs through Friday, May 27 at 2 p.m.

According to the scope of work outlined in the request, the project entails repairing the following types of vehicles for the City of Ocala:

  • Passenger vehicles (sedans, light trucks, medium-duty trucks to 15,000-pound GVW or equivalent and similar equipment such as vans, etc.), including fiberglass work.
  • Trucks (vehicles over the sizes indicated above), including fiberglass work.
  • Fire apparatus requiring higher than usual standards in quality repairs, finish, etc.
  • Motorcycles.
  • Specialty equipment.

The vendor must possess or obtain all required equipment that is needed to perform the work. The vendor will also be required to provide monthly reports to the city regarding the status of all work that is in progress.

According to the city, all work assigned under the contract must be a priority, and the city will reserve the right to assign a task to another auto body repair shop in the event that the workload of the vendor is delayed. The city may terminate the contract if there are more than six re-assignments to a backup contractor in a two-month period.

The vendor will assume full liability and responsibility for all vehicles and contents placed in its custody, including radios and other standard or installed equipment.

Once a vendor is selected by the city, a contract will be awarded for an initial three-year term with two optional one-year renewal terms.

For more information on this request, or to view others, visit the City of Ocala Procurement and Contracting Office website.