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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Several residents from Ocala share their thoughts, concerns regarding city’s rapid growth

Several more Ocala residents recently submitted letters to voice their concerns regarding the city’s growth:

“My wife and I moved to Ocala because it was not a large, busy city. We had no interest in moving to Orlando, Tampa, or one of the other large cities. It seems clear that the leaders in Ocala are not so interested in preserving the city as it is. Instead, the interest lies with those who want to overdevelop the whole area. The only hope for Ocala is to replace these people with those who will slow the developers and to learn to say no,” says Ocala resident Alex Delpercio.

“Please everyone, read the letter from Bill Vaughn. Look at who the elected officials are who are approving all the different kinds of housing developments without regard to how such housing, people, and cars will affect the destruction of beautiful healthy trees, wildlife, and our roads. So many roads already need repairs, the traffic is bad, and there are too many students zoned for a set school. Our elected officials have no regard for such overgrowth and no regard for environmental impact. Are they getting monetary kickbacks for approving each request? While I’m not opposed to growth, I am opposed to unregulated growth that is too rapid,” says Gail Bradley, Ocala resident.

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