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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Ocala property owner and soon-to-be resident shares thoughts on city’s rate of growth

To the Editor:

My husband and I felt very blessed to be able to purchase an affordable home in Ocala. All of this took place before the COVID-19 days and the insanity of home costs. We haven’t moved to Ocala as of yet because we are still full-time employees. We have a family member living in our home until we are able to move there. We’re coming in a few weeks.

We aren’t surprised to hear of the big growth spurt in Ocala or anywhere in Florida. Ocala, after all, is a beautiful city with gorgeous forests, lakes, and horse ranches. We have wanted to move to Ocala for so many years. We wanted to be in a city that was made for families. Not to mention it’s close enough to everything like the oceans, fun parks, the Daytona races, and so many other places like the Villages that also offer so much to the community.

I just hope and pray that we can handle this growth spurt with all the traffic we were trying to avoid by choosing the beautiful city of Ocala.

Just a reminder to all these greedy builders continuing to clear out all the natural resources and forests: what goes up must come down. Elected officials, please don’t get sucked in by greed. It’s not worth losing everything and everyone. Leave Ocala’s natural beauty. Don’t ruin a very good place by making a very bad choice.

Grace Spada
Ocala property owner

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