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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Marion Oaks resident voices concerns regarding traffic congestion, “out of control” development

To the Editor:

I moved my family here to Marion Oaks a little over 8 months ago from Virginia Beach, Virginia to get away from the stresses of traffic and overpopulation. In just this little bit of time, we have seen housing developments pop up all around us. Development is crazy and out of control here.

We live near the main entrance to the Marion Oaks subdivision, right by the waterfall intersection. It literally took my wife 45 minutes to get from that stoplight to the I-75 freeway on-ramp during the morning work rush.

You literally have to leave your house before 7 a.m. daily in order to beat the traffic backup. There is only one ramp to I-75 until you get to the on- and off-ramp in Ocala, and going towards The Villages, you won’t see a freeway ramp until you get way up the highway, just near The Villages.

Now someone has the brainpower to put in a major business development right at the stoplight in front of Burger King on 484 at the I-75 freeway ramps, which will bring even more congestion to an already overcrowded and congested area. Not to mention the fact that many drivers do not follow basic traffic safety rules. However, the lack of traffic officers during rush hour lends to the many accidents in this small stretch of 484.

Please don’t let me get into the lack of respect you see from the truckers trying to cross 484 to get into the truck stop right there as well. It is common to see accidents now. And don’t even let me get into the litter along the streets and burning of trees in Marion Oaks.

Keven Scott
Marion Oaks resident

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