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Dunnellon woman arrested after road rage incident in southwest Ocala

A 54-year-old Dunnellon woman was arrested after being involved in a road rage incident in southwest Ocala.

On Wednesday, June 1, a Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded to the intersection of SW Highway 200 and SW 60th Avenue in Ocala in reference to an aggravated battery incident. Upon arrival, a male victim stated that he was involved in a road rage incident with a woman who was later identified as Kimberly Jourdan Barber.

Kimberly Jourdan Barber
Kimberly Jourdan Barber

According to the victim, he was traveling southbound on SW Highway 200 when he observed Barber “tailgating” him. He stated he was forced to apply his brakes due to a vehicle in front of him slowing down, and he was nearly rear-ended by Barber’s vehicle.

Due to the traffic that was in front of him, the victim stated that he kept having to slow down his vehicle. When the victim stopped at a traffic light, he alleged that Barber exited her vehicle and threw a heavy object at his driver’s side window. While the victim did not see the object, he told the deputy that it was heavy enough to leave scratch marks on the window.

The victim stated that he pulled into the inside lane, in front of Barber’s vehicle. He then exited his vehicle to inspect the damage on the driver’s side.

Barber re-entered her vehicle, drove towards the victim, and pushed him with her vehicle. The victim recalled being pinned against his vehicle. When Barber began backing up her vehicle, the victim stated that he kicked the front bumper twice in an attempt to get her to back up even further.

Barber then drove around the victim’s vehicle and left the scene.

The deputy noted in the report that there was damage to the driver’s side window of the victim’s vehicle, along with damage to both doors on the driver’s side.

A witness spoke with the deputy and advised that Barber had displayed her middle finger at the victim while they were parked at a traffic light. When the light turned green, the witness stated that Barber and the victim were both swerving in and out of the northbound lanes of traffic. At the next traffic light, the witness stated that Barber exited her vehicle, approached the driver’s side of the victim’s vehicle, and “punched” the window.

When the victim stepped outside his vehicle, the witness observed that he did not appear to be holding a knife or a weapon of any kind. The witness recalled that the victim kicked the bumper on Barber’s vehicle, and she responded by using her vehicle to push the victim backwards until he was pinned against his own vehicle.

The witness claimed that Barber backed up, attempted to hit the victim a second time, and then drove around the victim’s vehicle and away from the scene of the incident.

The deputy located Barber at her residence. She agreed to speak about the incident and claimed that the victim had slammed on his brakes out of nowhere, which almost caused her to strike his vehicle. She stated that the victim began to “flip her off” and kept swerving to stay in front of her.

When the victim pulled his vehicle in front of hers, she claimed that the victim stepped outside while holding a knife. She stated that she asked the victim, “What’s wrong with you?” According to Barber, the victim responded by kicking her vehicle’s front bumper and saying, “I will kill you.”

Barber admitted to pushing the victim backwards with her vehicle in an attempt to leave the scene. She told the deputy that she did not realize there was damage to her vehicle until she returned to her residence.

Barber was arrested and transported to Marion County Jail where she was later released on $10,000 bond. She is facing a felony charge for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

A court date has not been scheduled yet, according to jail records.