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Friday, June 10, 2022

Soon-to-be Marion County resident discusses need for ice skating facility

To the Editor:

We are moving down from areas with facilities that offered ice skating arenas for kids and adults to learn, grow, and develop, along with pro/advanced ice skating, figure skating, and hockey. These arenas were used for events and personal recreational.

Florida has everything in the world to offer for families, now with the Calesa Township, the World Equestrian Center, and the amazing new Florida Aquatics Swimming and Training Center. I think what the town, or Marion County, needs next is a place where everyone can truly enjoy ice skating in the south.

Take a look at “Iceworks” in Aston, Pennsylvania, “The First Arena” in Elmira, New York, or “The Domes” (home of Elmira College Athletics) in Horseheads, New York. Anything like this will draw people from all over Florida. I don’t see anything like this besides in Tampa. Please consider this.

Michael Granger
Soon-to-be Marion County resident from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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