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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Ocala man with several prior theft convictions arrested after stealing from Dollar General

A 29-year-old Ocala man with several prior theft convictions was arrested after he stole over $37 worth of items from a Dollar General store in Marion County.

On Thursday, a Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded to the Dollar General located at 18210 N U.S. Highway 301 in Citra in reference to an incident of theft. Upon arrival, an employee at the store informed the deputy that Joseph Ander Holder had entered the store, grabbed various items, and left without paying.

Joseph Ander Holder
Joseph Ander Holder

The MCSO report indicated that several employees followed Holder out of the store and told him to return the merchandise. Holder fled from the store with the items that were taken.

The deputy viewed the store’s surveillance footage and was able to observe Holder leaving the store with the items, and the employees were seen exiting the store shortly afterwards. According to the employee who spoke with the deputy, Holder had stolen items from the store on multiple occasions in the past, but criminal charges were never pursued since the employees felt bad for him.

A receipt was given to the deputy which showed the items that were allegedly taken by Holder: a package of waffles ($1.75), four frozen pepperoni pizzas ($7.25/each), a lemon raspberry beverage ($2.75), and two energy drinks ($2/each). The total value of the stolen items was $37.50.

The deputy contacted Holder by phone, and he agreed to meet the deputy at the incident location. When he arrived at the store, he admitted to taking “some pizzas and juice” from the store. He advised that he took the items because he was hungry.

Holder told the deputy that he was previously convicted of theft on three occasions. According to the MCSO report, Holder was convicted of petit theft in 2005 and 2016, and he also had prior convictions of vehicle theft and grand theft in 2018.

Holder was arrested and transported to Marion County Jail where he is currently being held on $2,000 bond. He is facing a felony charge for petit theft from a merchant (third or subsequent offense).

A court date has not been scheduled yet, according to jail records.