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Monday, June 13, 2022

Residents share thoughts on bringing ice rink to Ocala/Marion County

In response to a recent letter from a soon-to-be Marion County resident who voiced support for a local ice skating rink, several residents wrote in to share their thoughts on the topic.

“I agree with the letter calling for an ice arena in Marion County. Kids need a chance to experience ice skating. There are Olympians from here that don’t have a place to skate. Florida has two NHL teams and almost nowhere for kids to train who might want to be a hockey player,” says Ocala resident Scott Wells.

“To the soon-to-be resident of Marion County: stay in Pennsylvania. Stay up north. Florida has all it needs. If you want ice rinks and snow, don’t move to the south. Florida does not need to change for people that move here – the people need to change for Florida. Protect our turtles and wildlife. Stop all the building. We don’t want another Wawa, or another apartment complex or car wash. We like our land,” says Karen Pusloskie, Crystal River resident.

“In response to the soon-to-be resident suggesting an ice arena, also look at Alice Noble Ice Arena in Wooster, Ohio, by the Wooster High School. Hockey teams play there, and it hosts national competitions, etc.,” says Ocala resident Deb Miller.

“If people want to ice skate, let them move back up north where they came from. This is Florida and we don’t ice skate. We have too many northerners moving to Florida and wanting us to change to suit them. They can all go back north. Florida is too crowded with northerners already. Too much traffic and too many people. Ocala used to be a nice, small town – let’s make it that way again,” says Kay Voge, Ocala resident.

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