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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Ocala man jailed after being accused of striking female victim with vehicle

A 24-year-old Ocala man was arrested after being accused of striking a female victim with a vehicle.

On Tuesday, June 21, a Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded to a residence on Hemlock Terrace in Ocala in reference to a battery investigation. Upon arrival, Marion County Fire Rescue paramedics were on scene and advised that the victim was being transported to a local hospital for medical assistance.

Once at the hospital, the deputy spoke with a paramedic who stated that the victim had “road rash” along her back and wrist.

The deputy eventually was able to speak with the victim who advised that she was at the incident location when Anthony Joseph Grazioso arrived to retrieve a vehicle that belonged to her fiancé.

Anthony Joseph Grazioso
Anthony Joseph Grazioso

According to the victim, she informed Grazioso that she needed to remove her belongings from the vehicle, and an argument ensued. She stated that she removed all her personal items from the vehicle and placed them on the side of the road.

The victim told the deputy that she then picked up her belongings and began walking towards the residence. Grazioso allegedly entered the vehicle, drove towards her, and struck her with the front of the vehicle.

The impact allegedly caused the victim to roll onto the front hood. She advised that she “held on” to the hood and yelled at Grazioso to stop the vehicle. The victim alleged that Grazioso continued to accelerate while she was on the hood, and she eventually fell off the vehicle. Grazioso then proceeded to drive away from the incident location.

The victim told the deputy that she was familiar with Grazioso, and the MCSO report indicated that she was able to confirm his identity via an inmate search photograph. Grazioso had been previously arrested in Marion County, and he was on felony probation for a case involving possession of cocaine and fleeing and eluding a law enforcement officer.

Grazioso was located, arrested, and transported to Marion County Jail where he is currently being held on $10,000 bond. He is facing felony charges for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and violation of probation (two counts).

A court date has been scheduled on Tuesday, July 29 at 9 a.m., according to jail records.