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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Spy-themed science exhibit opening at Discovery Center

A new spy-themed exhibit is opening at the Discovery Center this weekend.

The new exhibit, Spy Science, opens to the public on Saturday, July 2, and it will remain on display through Saturday, September 17 at the Discovery Center, which is located at 701 NE Sanchez Avenue in Ocala.

Visitors will get to discover the history, science, and even the Hollywood connections within the spy industry as the exhibit takes them inside the world of espionage. The exhibit will feature multiple fun activities, including:

  • Go undercover as an “Agent of Discovery” to find out the secret identity of the spy villain, and solve puzzles and challenges to find him.
  • Learn how spies use disguises to catch the bad guys and even rescue people.
  • Crawl through the villain’s lair while looking for clues that are hidden in everyday objects.
  • Create secret decoders and use them to solve encrypted messages.
  • Play with spy gadgets like periscopes, voice changers, and lasers.
  • Solve a jewel heist labyrinth.

Guests will be able to experience the latest exhibit on Tuesdays through Saturdays, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

General admission to the Discovery Center is $8 per person or $28 for a family of four. Annual memberships are also available for individuals and families.

For more information, please call 352-401-3900 or visit the Discovery Center webpage.