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Over 169,000 pounds of litter collected in Marion County during May 2022

Over 169,000 pounds of litter were collected across Marion County during the month of May.

The latest monthly Solid Waste Operations report will be presented to the Marion County Board of County Commissioners during its regular meeting on Wednesday, July 6.

The report shows that just over 78,400 pounds of litter were collected by community service workers during the month. Nearly 73,000 pounds of litter were also collected by county staff and contract employees, and inmates collected over 19,000 pounds.

During the month, code enforcement officers conducted 36 investigations. According to the report, four of those investigations were for littering and leaving garbage outside closed recycling convenience centers, 12 investigations were for littering and illegal dumping complaints on county right-of-ways, and the remaining 20 investigations were for illegal dumping cases throughout the county.

Code enforcement officers issued three $68 fines in May for illegal dumping of waste weighing less than 15 pounds. The officers routinely provide spot checks at all recycling centers across the county to verify users are not commercial businesses, are not living outside of Marion County, and are not disposing of inappropriate types of refuse.

Recycling centers across Marion County recycled nearly 557,000 pounds of furniture, and just over 148,500 pounds of electronic waste and tires, according to the report.

The Marion County Litter Task force was established in September of 2021 and is tasked with developing a solution to combat the county’s litter woes. The county is conducting a brief online survey to gather the community’s feedback on this issue.

For more information or updates, visit the Marion County Litter Task Force webpage.