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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Several Ocala residents weigh in on loud firework displays

Several residents from Ocala submitted letters to share their thoughts on the impact of loud firework displays on local animals.

“I thank Mr. William Lee of Ocala for his letter about the trauma to wildlife, pets, livestock, and yes, even people with PTSD. For some people and most animals, the unexpected loud noises cause a lot of fear and anxiety, turning a fun firework display into a nightmare. That is where quiet fireworks come in. Silent fireworks are fireworks that have been made to be considerably quieter than regular fireworks while still producing a beautiful light and color effect. A display without the loud bangs is more enjoyable and more fun to watch. There’s a company called Setti Fireworks that makes these silent explosives and can customize them for each event. Until Mr. Lee’s letter, I did not know there is a much less noisy firework available,” says Ocala resident Marilyn Bradley.

“So, you would rather ruin everyone’s celebration instead of just putting your pup in a thundershirt and giving him a sedative treat?” says Ocala resident Dr. Mopar.

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