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More residents share their thoughts on firework displays

In response to recent letters that discussed the impact of loud firework displays on local pets and wildlife, several residents from Ocala wrote in to share their thoughts on the topic.

“Come the Fourth of July or New Year’s, I understand the reason for celebration. However, I am aware of the trauma it puts on our pets. My friend is gone, yet my neighbor’s pets show signs of stress from the unexpected explosions. In the past, our neighborhood suffered the debris left from an intense night of revelry. Nobody comes to pick up the trash littering our yards and roofs. Months later and I see I’m mowing over residual ordinance. You tell me, why should I condone fireworks when my yard is your trash can? Why should I have to hear your indiscriminate handling of powerful fireworks at any hour you choose?” says Ocala resident Richard Sharp.

“So sad that we have some people that want to take away the fun holiday for the rest of us. Yes, it is not good for dogs, but now people will be setting off the fireworks in their yard right next to the ones who complained in the first place. I have dogs and I am very careful with them,” says Michelle Rosen, Ocala resident.

“I personally don’t think that fireworks with the loud sound should be used in the neighborhood. I live in a neighborhood where there are firework displays every Fourth of July that should be done in an open area, not in the street or between houses. This is unsafe for humans, animals, and your property, not to mention that some are also fire hazards. It is also not safe for your health. My neighborhood consists of people with mental health issues, children, adults with special needs, and lots of animals. I had a personal experience from fireworks last year. It brought about a condition called vertigo because I was so close to the loud noise. I was actually sitting on my front porch to make sure that a fire would not start in my yard. This is what we go through every year. I think sparklers and firecrackers are the only fireworks that should be used in a neighborhood, not big fireworks that are used at big events or for displays,” says Ocala resident Gail Dukes.

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